Huxly is a global innovation and brand strategy consultancy, with a unique focus on food, drink and personal care.
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We're fascinated by the complex emotional, functional, sensorial and social roles that products play in human life. We work with the world's finest food and drink brands, all around the world.

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Building products with flow

Prod­ucts suc­ceed when they fit per­fect­ly with the lives and expec­ta­tions of consumers.

We cre­ate con­sis­tent, com­pelling expe­ri­ences, from the con­sumers first glimpse of your brand, to their expe­ri­ence of eat­ing or using the product.

Our strate­gists under­stand the emo­tion­al, func­tion­al and cul­tur­al role your brand plays.

Our design­ers, pro­to­typ­ing experts and sen­so­ry sci­en­tists can craft the per­fect brand bun­dle to meet those needs and inspire con­sumers with new possibilities.

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Our clients
1 Haleon 2 Nestle 3 Mars 4 Molson Coors 5 Mc Donalds 6 Diageo 8 Pepsi Co Kerry Mondelez Innocent Twinings Coca Cola Unilever Lucozade 9 Colgate Palmolive blue logo 7 Mc Cormick blue logo 6 AB in Bev Blue logo 3 Concha Y Toro Blue logo 1 Danone Blue logo
  • Insight Lead - Colgate-Palmolive "Real richness on the products, the consumer needs, and clear direction for where we take this - just as we hoped."
  • Innovation director - Pet Food "This was one of my most memorable, energising weeks in this role! It was a pleasure to work with so many bright minds who are all so passionate about innovation and building the future of our category."
  • Senior Innovation Manager - Diageo "I wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work & support over the past few months, providing us with such rich insights, which will help shape our decisions going forward."
  • Marketing Director - Beer client "Inspirational and aspirational makes complete sense."
  • Consumer Science Group Leader - Mondelez "It was wonderful, exactly what I wanted. I wouldn't change a thing!"
  • Marketing Director - Beer client "This is f*cking great!"