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Brand Strategist
About me

As a strategist with a scientific research background, I love the complexity and insights that come from research, people and behaviour and how this fits in with our lives and our futures. After a Biology degree, 3 years as a flight attendant, working with all manner of people and experiencing the best of different cultures, including the importance of food and drink in rituals and people's day-to-day, I joined our sister company, MMR, in their US Quantitative team, working with top FMCG brands like Mondelez, Haleon, Coke, Bayer, and CPW for a few years.

Now at Huxly, I'm passionate and excited about getting to the deeper truths and motivations of consumers, to help carve a new way forward for brands that are both engaging & sustainable and positive for our future. The team here are some of the most brilliant minds, with buckets of experience and the strategic and creative thinking to build the best future for brands - and the fact that they're so kind, friendly and supportive (as well as hilarious and give the best restaurant recommendations) is the proverbial cherry I didn't know I needed on top my ice-cream career!

Outside of work, I'm usually chatting with friends over amazing food (here in London we're really spoilt for choice!), nestled in a book or out on a run - usually ending up at a new bakery or good pub!