Guy Huxly High Quality Still 32
Director, Huxly
About me

Over the past 18 years I’ve worked across industries and categories, developing strategy, brands and new product ideas, all grounded in consumer understanding, for sectors as wide as food and drink, to utilities and pensions. I am just as comfortable in front of the one-way mirror as I am shepherding a spreadsheet, but find consumers endlessly inspiring!

Outside the office, I am generally found on or behind a stage, or clambering over muddy obstacles but when the make-up and mud are wiped away I’m often happiest cooking up a storm in the kitchen - with the right music to dance to and a good recipe to follow. There are too many places to recommend outside my own kitchen, but a reliable favourite has to be either of the Mamma Mias in Oxford, a local institution serving simple but delicious food that never lets you down.