Alexander fielder
About me

After recently graduating from the University of Exeter with a degree in BSc Business Economics, I explored my passion for brand strategy by gaining experience at various brand consultancies, working with global clients in the FMCG, Fashion and Retail industry before landing at Huxly.

At the weekend, you’ll find me either running around some park in London, playing racket sports like tennis and squash with friends, or honing my videography skills. I do also like to cook up a bit of a storm in the kitchen, exploring new and exciting recipes from all over the world (albeit at a sub-par standard!).

My favourite type of food is Asian cuisine and since moving to London, I have been able to explore new and exciting dishes around the city, especially in Soho. My current favourite restaurant is Dishoom. Although, slight word of warning (so you don’t learn it the hard way like I did) – the long green bean looking things they serve are in fact very hot chilli peppers and shouldn’t be eaten whole!